Harrington and Surrounds


North of Taree you’ll turn off the highway for a short drive to find the relaxing seaside village of Harrington, located at the northern reach of the Manning River delta.

In 1894 a long breakwall was built to protect the entry channel for shipping, which now it serves as a popular scenic walk and great fishing location. Pilot Hill Lookout provides glorious views over the river delta and the historic graves on this hill remind us of the pilots who guided boats over the river bar.

Harrington village delivers a relaxed seaside lifestyle, the perfect refrain from hectic city life.

There are a couple of boat ramps ready for you to launch your boat and cast a line, and fish cleaning areas to prepare your catch. The endangered shorebirds – little terns also reside here and are faithfully protected by the locals. See the resident pelicans perched on the colourfully painted power poles waiting for the fishing boats to return. The painted bollards depict characters from the past history of the first settlers and the celebrations continue every 1st of January with the John Gollan Day celebrations.

Relax in a riverside or beachside holiday park, stay in one of the many cabins or holiday lettings available, or choose accommodation at one of the two hotels.

Fresh seafood is at its best in Harrington and the choice of eateries range from pubs, clubs and restaurants, to cafes and takeaways.

Recent developments have seen the sleepy village change to a hive of activity with an injection of residents from all walks of life. To accommodate the influx, Harrington now boasts a modern shopping centre and champion golf course with club and attached motel. The ever expanding housing estates provide plenty of choice to build your dream home and it is still possible to purchase small to larger farming acreage.


Nearby Crowdy Head

Just 7 kilometres north of Harrington, the small fishing village of Crowdy Head retains all the charm of its past history with a marina and fishing fleet.

A visit to the iconic Crowdy Head Lighthouse sitting high on the headland provides you with superb views of the coast. From May to August, keep your eye out for the migrating humpback whales, or all year round for the local dolphins. The picturesque lighthouse is a great place for a photograph and is easily accessed via a sealed road.

Driving north of Crowdy Head you can enter Crowdy Bay National Park. There are two camping spots, Crowdy Gap and further along at Diamond Head. The Park provides spectacular cliff top views, easy walking tracks, abundant wildlife and good fishing and surfing. Access to the park is via an unsealed road from Crowdy Head or from Moorland 35 kilometres north of Taree. Driving along the beach is allowed, providing you have obtained the necessary beach permit prior.